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What I have discovered in large group Pilates classes is that most clients are not
performing correct “core activation” purely because the instructor cannot physically get around to correct each individual. They are often performing exercises which are way too advanced for them and when not performed correctly, could be doing themselves more harm than good by overtraining already strong muscles.

Muscle imbalance can be caused by poor posture, injury, scoliosis, excessive training of the wrong muscles which can all lead to pain and discomfort. There is a delicate balance between muscles groups and I aim to educate my clients and show them how to really switch their ‘true core’ on and keep them on.

My classes cater for all ages and all levels and are limited to six maximum to a class. This ensures I can correct and give individual attention to everyone there. All exercises can be modified or progressed to suit any level. My philosophy is to:

creating strength balance and alignment



dot personalised attention
Learn to truely activate your core
dot modified traditional pilates exercises with an emphasis on postural alignment and stability suitable for all levels
dot small classes 6 max
dot relaxed friendly environment
dot private lessons
dot home visits available